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reel 3 years ago
Yep, that's Nina Hartley, the grand-old-lady porn who after 35+ years in the business is still acting. Say what you want about old women, but mad respect to her for pulling this off. We keep forgetting that very few pornstars remain in the industry after 10 or so years, so those who do deserve recognition.
Pjay 3 years ago
Take note men... this how you eat pussy
3 years ago
Nina be lookin OLDDDD!!!
Bob 3 years ago
It is because of experience and age they look so good together. Never have seen such honesty in the giving of love..it was hot to see them.
3 years ago
wow this is actually really good acting, i'd watch this as a tv show
pit35 3 years ago
Where can i find the full video?
Prince 3 years ago
Wow both is go0d
3 years ago
That can't be Nina
Robert 3 years ago
Hot lesbian video.
Uber driver 3 years ago
I knew Hilary Clinton was a lesbian